Update! Latest! Desktop SLA 3D printer,Meet the jewelry,dental,providing wax resin casting

The desktop type achieved the goal of everyone equipped with a 3D Printer to make their dreams.

We are 3D Printer manufacturer in Taiwan.

三益海棠0 Maker是3D Printer製造商,專業於研發生產3D列印機及相關設備,如3D列印機耗材、噴頭、軟硬體等,從技術研發、製造、銷售一條龍,MIT品質優良、保固並提供完善的售後服務,歡迎來廠參觀!

OMaker is a dreams maker! Taiwan San Yi Technology Co., Ltd is a prestigious and reliable 3D Printer manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan. We specialized in development of 3D Printer and related products such as consumable material, nozzle, software, hardware, etc., an integrated chain of technology development, manufacture and sale with MIT high quality, good after-sale service and warranty is your best choice, welcome to visit our factory and the website to get more information:

If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us at +886-2-2999-8798 or
Or welcome to add me on Skype for faster discussion.

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