Simple knot ring – handmade jewelry design 237

Simple knot ring – handmade jewelry design

I would like to share my knowledge and skills so that you can study online
With simple steps and simple tools you can do it yourself. Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for jewelry more valuable
Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself
With creativity you can change some details to create your own style

Earrings, Ear cuff:
Necklaces, hairpin:
Flower, leaf and natural :
Animal :

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jewelry design

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  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Edith Velanto

    Hola Ian Anh...Me encantan tus vídeos,gracias por enseñarnos he aprendido muchísimo.Dios te llene de bendiciones.
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Guillermo Solano Rosa

    No mecanso de disfrutar estos videos. Felicitaciones!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Susana Moran

    te veo desde el salvador, quiero saber si puedes dejar un link de donde comprar este alambre. estoy interesada en comprar y hacer estos proyectos tan bonitos..
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40


    awesome. thank you
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    evagelos kal

    Can you make more videos,please!!!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40


  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Richard Bouska

    Thanks my friend for sharing your talent!👍Your video's are the best! ☺May God continue to bless everything you do!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Francine Deneault

    wow! you amaze me! :o)))))
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40


    Truly Gifted!!! Thank You!!!🤗
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Vero Negrete

    no se si piedas entenderme pero gracias por tus creaciones
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Vero Negrete

    hermosas las cosas que haces
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    God Is Infinite

    Love the ring Lan! Thank you for showing us how to make! May God bless everything you touch my dear friend! Sending love from Texas!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Kaori Lora

  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Kim Michaels

    cute lil' ring....just need a necklace and ear rings now...then have complete set........haha........thank you....hugsss
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Krisztina Gádori

    I am a big fan of your work.
    Can I ask you to make a video about a jewellry holder tree....
    That would be amazing
    Thx and keep up with the great work
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40


    Very nice Lan! So simple to make to! Thanks
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Nelida Barcenilla

  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Toni Earnest

    You are so talented and such a joy to watch making all of the beautiful things you make !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Алла Ткаченко

    !!!!!! :-)
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    lucia teresa abou-assali

    Soy muy feliz cuando despierto y veo que publicaste un nuevo tutorial...Eres lo máximo amiga!!! Te quiero!!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Awilda Rodríguez

    excelente tutoria, eres la mejor.
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40


    You make it look so easy in your videos. I wish I had the control and confidence you have bending the wires only with bare hands!
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Gabriela Berey

    So beautiful... thanks Lan Anh... God bless you...!!!! =D
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Neva Juzo

    I was waiting this ring same brazalete. Thanks so much dear Lan, it's beautiful 😀👍👏👏👏
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Adriana Valenzuela

    no hermoso bellísimo
  • Posted: 2019-12-19 23:40

    Candace Serna

    Thanks so much for all the new videos.Your channel is the only one that I am aware of that always has new stuff.Thanks again.

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