Demonstration of different Leverback Earrings for your Jewelry Designs

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These are a few different kinds of leverback earrings. As you see, they come in all different shapes and colors. The thing that makes them similar to each other is that they have a Lever Backing. They clip from the back, they may or may not have a spring but the basic idea is always the same. These are the classic leverback style with a thin wire on the top and they may or may not have a shape in the front for decoration. But we have fancier ones too like these U-Shaped ones which are a bit wider. They are also available with diamonds and come as fancy as you like. Some of them may even come with a post for pearls already made with it. I’ll just show you really quick how some of these work.

As I said, just a lever on the back. This one has a spring mechanism so you just clip it nice and easy. This one has an open loop. Some of them have a closed loop, in which case you would probably have to wire wrap or solder to attach. Here is a nice simple design—this one also has a lever, and you kind of need to pinch it to open. These huggie earrings are also the same kind of idea but you don’t need to pinch, you just pull to open and then snap it closed. Lastly, these little guys that are plain in the front and look like an illlusion in a finished piece. Nice, clean and with a long pearl post.

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