How to Negotiate and Haggle in Taiwan. Jade Market – Part 1, mae-gwoe-ren price.

Negotiating the price for a Jade bracelet. Actually, the negotiation had already occurred before I started filming. This was our second stop at the table after failing to get the vendor to come down to what we wanted to pay. You just walk by the table later…on your way out…and you will sometimes get a better price offered to you if your initial negotiations fail. The jade in this bracelet is from Burma. There were about 100 tables of items inside this market, mostly jade jewelry, some statues, paintings and old coins. We were there before the market officially opened so only about 25% of the tables were occupied.

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  • Posted: 2019-04-21 20:10

    Ruby Tsai

    Nothing better than Taiwan Jade markets for shopping!!

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