Taiwan | Day 9 | the jade market

Day 9:
Went to the Jade and flower market, which is conveniently right next to each other!
The jade market is pretty big, be sure to go early enough to have time to walk around; to haggle, to buy, or both! Nice about the jade market is that it is cool inside. The flower market is hot.
There are other goods available at the flower market, and jade market. They don’t just sell jade, people also sell pearls, gold, etc.
And they don’t just sell flowers, there’s trees, fruit, drinks, gardening equipment, etc.

Got home, got sleepy, so we decided to just talk while having cake.
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Taiwan | Day 10 VIDEO will be available tomorrow, or next day!

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    Whoa, 17 minutes.  Stepping it up.  What's with those "forks???"  Barely big enough for Mei-Lin...  Was the music at 13:16 intentional? Sunnie, you need help Alice fix her hair; it's out of whack.

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