Melissa Borrell – 3D Printed Jewelry

The Grommet team discovers cool jewelry, 3D Jewelry from Melissa Borell. Only a few designers are experimenting with this technology right now, so this is perfect for fashion pioneers or those that appreciate bold shapes and striking colors.

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  • Posted: 2019-04-23 04:56

    The Grommet

    We agree with you, this is one of the coolest designs and we love that she used such advanced technology to make it.
  • Posted: 2019-04-23 04:56

    The Grommet

    Melissa Borrell the jewelry designer has access to one. This is her background: Melissa, who earned her master’s degree in jewelry design from RISD, uses advanced technologies to engineer her creations. Each necklace, ring and earring design is digitized using CAD software and fabricated with a cutting-edge 3D printer.
  • Posted: 2019-04-23 04:56


    I always thought 3-D printers were awesome, never thought about making jewlery with it!

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