Swarovski Fall/Winter 2016 Watch Collection Press Event – Taiwan

SWAROVSKI Taiwan held the 2016 Fall/Winter Watch Collection Press Event to present its newest watch collections.Two celeb models demonstrated Swarovski’s new watch collection in different styles, Shirley Wu represented feminine and elegant, and Liya Wang is focus on casual and sporty fashion, and the famous actress Cheryl Yang showed up as special guest to bring the highlight of the event.

施華洛世奇於4月13日舉辦2016秋冬手錶系列新品發表媒體預覽會,特別邀請時尚知名演員楊謹華完美詮釋施華洛世奇首款自動機芯女士手錶 Crystalline Hours,展現出現代女性的耀眼風采,並由名模吳品萱與王麗雅分別展示2016秋冬手錶優雅閃亮的系列以及健美時尚的Activity Tracking系列

Swarovski,Fall/Winter 2016,Watch Collection,Crystalline Hours,Cheryl Yang,楊謹華,Shirley Wu,吳品萱,Liya Wang,王麗雅

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