Shirley Lin 專訪 新銳珠寶設計師 Jade Chiu丘琬琳 Part.1

身材嬌小, 珠寶設計風格融合前衛多元, 在全球市場買家眼前為之一亮, 她設計的頸鍊, 耳環和戒指皆受到名人巨星瑪丹娜Madonna 和 女神卡卡Lady Gaga的青睞, 重點是她來自台灣, 在紐約發展.
Never thought I was going to meet a tiny woman with a great success, Jade Chiu, who has made a mark in the world with her captivating fusion style of artworks. She is a Taiwanese jewelry/accessory designer based in New York. Her chokers, ear-cuffs and statement rings are well liked by celebrities such as Madonna and Lady Gaga.

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