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✿ Hey beautiful beaders! ✿ I am back with my monthly haul for February. Check out some of the lovely glass and gemstone beads that I was able to pick up with the monthly subscription discount code. If you’re interested in their monthly subscription box, you can check it out here: (Use Code OPAL2 at Checkout for $2 off first month’s box) Enjoy!

*Bead Box Bargains sent me a small amount of credit to their online store in order for me to share some of their products with you. Regardless, all of the opinions I have expressed are honest, and 100% my own. I was a fan of theirs well before that. 🙂

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✔ Bargain Bead Box —
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✔ Eureka Crystal Beads Collections —

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✔ BeadCrate —
✔ Dollar Bead Box —
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✔ Adornable Elements —
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★☆★ Recommended Online Shopping:
✔ Eureka Crystal Beads —
✔ BeeBeeCraft —
(Use code GINA – $5 off $40, exp. 6/30/20)
✔ Potomac Beads —

☆★☆ Recommended Jewelry-Making Products on Amazon:



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  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Susana Basauri

    Nice and is not expensive products!!!!!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    laurie wooten

    Hi Gina 💜. Running to see about those gorgeous orange fresh water pearls!!!! Love the agate beads too. Thanks so much for sharing Gina!! So fun!!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Sheila Carroll

    Nice haul! Thank you for sharing. 😊🌹
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Fabiana Costa

    Amazing haul...I did some myself🙈...I got a bunch of bicones I hope you can show something using those soon...😁
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Noellan Mcdaniel

    Beautiful! Love the pink pebble beads! Would make an ankle bracelet with them! Can't wait to get moved and settled in!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Amber Hatfield

    Also, the coupon code is now REUSABLE!!! If you are a subscriber you can use the code over and over all month long. I make purchases all month long!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Amber Hatfield

    I am OBSESSED with Bead Box Bargins & the sister site! What great stuff, fast shipping and wonderful people to work with! Thanks for highlighting your haul. I check the site a good bit. I had an issue with my last monthly box and they took care of it and responded very quickly. The customer service is amazing! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very pleased with every single transaction!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05


    They were out of everything I was looking for (including chain), but I did order a few things, just got them the other day, and they were all some of the exact same things as you got! Just not even close to as much as you, lol! That was a HUGE haul! But I think the one you called Blue Iris Opal was the Periwinkle Metallic. I got the Blue Iris opal strand, and it was the one you called Periwinkle metallic. I also got more of the antique copper chandelier findings, some other metal finding that I can't remember for the life of me (I'm writing this in bed with two cats on me so I can't look), and a strand of the 4mm Chinese crystal bicones in a color called, I think, Marine Blue Shimmer. I LOVE that shimmer finish! Also, in a previous order, I got a whole bunch of other stuff you got in this one. How funny. I hope they still have those amethyst coin beads. I don't know how I missed them. 😕 So yeah. That was one amazing haul, especially for $73. I didn't see what it was originally, but even that I'm sure wasn't anywhere near what you would have paid on any other site or a regular craft store! TFS and have a great week! 😁🌹✨
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Melanie Holowachuk

    I just ordered lots of Crystal's too and rondelles I love them😍😍😍
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    paulette smith

    Have just started getting BBB boxes. Citrus was my first, had a blast making jewelry. So I ordered 3 of the past boxes. I used your code on my subscription
    I have been ordering fro Bead box bargains so thought I would try the boxes
    I have posted a few things on their FB Page.
    Thanks Gina🦋🦋🦋
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Melonee Beal

    Nice haul, Gina!! I just placed an order today!! I love the great products, prices and monthly discount that Bargain Bead Box offers each month!! Thanks for introducing me to the subscription, Gina!! Can’t wait to see some of your finished jewelry!! Thanks again!! 📿🌸❤️
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Sandra Behn

    Thanks you Gina for showing me bargain bead box and their sister site. I shop there at least twice a month with the code. I check them out during the month to see what they have. love their site.
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    francine reider

    Hi Gina, Love every thing you got. The colors are gorgeous the bicones really have a great shine to them. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great night.
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Nails by Sharon H

    Very cool and sparkly haul! I have a question about the agate beads. Are they dyed those bright colors? Or are they glass? I’m pretty sure you said they were gemstones but can’t imagine some of the colors are natural... just curious about it... thank you for sharing! 💜
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Renee Barger

    Looks like I better get back on line and grab some goodies! I just did an order last week. Your combo wire bar/stretch bracelet design has been a great hit with all my princesses. They feel more secure and they stack beautifully together. My niece celebrated a birthday this weekend and asked for more of these bracelets. Thank you so much!
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Jennifer Hein

    I'm just starting out and have a question. What are the best size and shapes to have on hand?
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05


    Another humongous haul! Thanks, Gina, for sharing it with us.
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Kim Leon-Guerrero

    Such great deals, I picked up some good buys this month too. Thanks for sharing Gina, have a great week. 💖💫
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Lidia McCulley

    Hi, dear Gina! It's an awesome BeadBB haul 😍 love the cat's beads, are lovely! Last week I was trying to buy the flowers beads you got in January haul, but are gone 😣 so I decided to wait; look they have new beads because I didn't see the cats beads either! Congrats, my dear, all U got is beautiful! Let me ask you; what kind of thread you use for bead waiving? I read somewhere that chinese bicones cut the regular thread for bead waiving, that is better to use nylon; how far is OK for you to use bicones in bead waiving jewelry? Stay blessed with your family 🙌🙏💜🍃🌹🍃
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Michelle Martinez

    Nice haul! I love the pink pebble beads and all the agate💞 Enjoy!! 😘
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    sharon piecharka

    Wow plus Omg lady what a hull u got, beautiful. Have a great time.
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    XimerTracks - Sub To Me

    Nice content. can't Wait for more. Also, I really want To be youtube friends :D
  • Posted: 2020-02-27 10:05

    Ashley Whisman

    Thank you so much for showing me this company. I love them and she seems to be an amazing person. I have been subscribed to the Bathing Bead Box for since fall last year and I love it so much.

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