Halal expo promotes Taiwan's products to Muslim markets

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Taiwan is hosting a halal expo in the capital, Taipei.
The event aims to promote products to Muslim markets as well as highlight opportunities for halal imports to Taiwan.

Exhibitors are busy at the Taiwan International Halal Expo in Taipei.
Stalls are showcasing a variety of products to attract buyers from Muslim markets.
Some are obvious choices: coffee is an ever-popular beverage.
But halal cosmetics are also on display here.
Angelfun Enterprises Co. Ltd. manufactures halal facial masks, skin care products, and whitening products.
But the company’s assistant manager Ivy Kuo says getting the correct certification is not easy.
“We have to be conform to standards for the ingredients, production and packaging. They all have to be separately verified,” she says.
“That is very similar to organic food certification. Halal certification is a very strict procedure.”
Taiwan previously only exported halal healthy food.
But it’s branching out into other areas like cosmetics, agricultural, fish and meat products.
Salahuding Ma, Vice President of Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association says the aim is to reach new customers.
“Taiwan’s market is quite small. Companies hope to expand their scope to promote their products around the world,” he says.
“Many Muslim countries are food importers. They are therefore important indexes. Increasing numbers of manufacturers are applying the halal certification.”
Taiwan itself is viewed as a promising market for overseas halal companies.
But Director of the Trade Department of Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei says Taiwan needs to do more to attract visitors.
Ikhwan Aman suggests it needs to get more Middle Eastern tourists across its borders.
“Taiwan already has 72 halal restaurants in Taiwan to attract some of the visitors to come to Taiwan. So this is a good moment for Indonesia, because many products from Indonesia already got the halal certification.”
He says there are 500 stores Indonesian stores in Taiwan which could import his country’s products.
And he says 300,000 Indonesians work in Taiwan, making it an even more attractive market.

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