品牌秀_Brand Show: SILZENCE men #2020臺北時裝週SS21

時尚不是轉瞬即逝的流行風潮,而是找到屬於自己的經典。以東方美學為靈感打造品牌「東裝 SILZENCE men」的陳俊良老師,品牌名稱透露了以東方情調為主軸的設計,強調「裝」不只代表服裝,也是裝潢的裝和裝置藝術的裝。「我期待東裝是把東方的美好通通裝起來,我設計的衣服通常都非常簡 約,但慎選質感上乘的面料搭配精緻的做工,打造獨一無二的禪意與美感,並內含東方內斂精神發揚的極致。」東裝服飾總是予人一種雅緻的文人感,今年的主題「落款」,也與品牌給人的詩意感受一致。 延續金工和皮革的元素,在創作上採用低調的黑白搭配大量銀色單品來體現「新華流」風貌,讓東方文化巧妙地交織當代服飾,但這並非與西方工藝遙遙相望,而是用東方的觀點詮釋時尚。

Fashion isn’t a fad, but a pursuit of one’s own classic. Jun-Liang Chen created the brand SILZENCE men with the eastern aesthetic as inspiration. The name of the brand in Mandarin – Dong Zhuang, which literally translated as Eastern Clothing – makes it clear the through line of its design. Zhuang refers to not only clothing, but also installation art. “It is my wish for the brand to encompass all things beautiful in the east. My clothes are often very minimalistic, but through careful selection of premium materials and fine workmanship, we’re able to create a unique aesthetic and a sense of zen, integrating into my work the utmost humility of the east.” SILZENCE men possesses a scholarly quality. This year’s theme “Signature” falls in line with the poetic nature of the brand. The elements of metalwork and leather persist, while the low-key color combination of black and white is paired with various silver items to portray the new Chinese style. Modern clothing is deftly infused with eastern elements to interpret fashion with an eastern perspective, rather than simply creating a foil to the western techniques.

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  • Posted: 2020-10-15 15:10


  • Posted: 2020-10-15 15:10

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