The Ultimate Guide to Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet – DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads


Allie revisits a complex and intricate pattern with the Flat Chenille Stitch Bracelet. This beauty features Miyuki Seed Beads in 8/0 and 11/0 and a 3 Strand Claspgarten Clasp. This stunner will test your skills and boost your confidence both in making and wearing it. Gather your materials and come create with us!

Click here for complete bead & jewelry-making supply lists:

Enjoy using this jewelry-making bead tutorial video to help you become a more creative and happier beader!

Materials List:
●Miyuki Seed Bead 8/0 – Aluminum Silver, ~ 10 Grams
●Miyuki Seed Bead 11/0 – Duracoat Galvanized Gold, ~ 2 Grams
●ClaspGarten Rectangle Waves Silver Plated 3 Strand Clasp, 1 piece

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  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Pamela Forman

    Wonderful tutorial - thank you for all you do.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Willy Johnstone

    Very well explained tutorial. Thank you.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Shannon Spoon

    What do you do with the stop bead? Did I miss it? Beautiful bracelet.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31


    I love this stitch. Thank you for the great tutorial! Only issue I am having is finding a clasp. The one pictured is no longer available. Is there a particular size I should look for in a 3 strand clasp?
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    camille huddleston

  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Komal Bhardwaj

    You are amazing. It's a little difficult project for me cause I am new student in jewelry making. I will definitely try this challenge. You have wonderful 👏 way of teaching. You are A+ teacher. I would love to be your student. I learned a lot. When I start working on this project I will keep watching step by step your tutorial. Thanks again 🥰 Komal.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Marina Morales

    Queda hermosa ojalá me quede así yo uso telar 🤲🥰🌷saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾🇺🇾🇺🇾
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Elena Červinková

    Je tu na YouTube viacero videí s technikou Chenille, ale Vaše podanie je z nich najkrajšie. Pridala som si jedno okienko aby som mala náramok širší, bude pre dcéru, má štíhlu ruku tak jej vynikne. Veľmi pekne ďakujem že ste sa s nami podelila o návod...❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Darla Boyle

    I believe this is the first time I've ever seen a tutorial on flat chenille stitch. Tubular chenille stitch is one of my faves.

    You said herringbone stitch but I think it's more like peyote. Maybe odd count peyote with the 8/0 turnaround.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Marina Morales

    Hermosa pulsera 🌷
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Lojuana Purvis

    Thank you so much Allie. This one was a bit of a challenge but I did not let it defeat me! I got it and can’t wait to make many more. I appreciate you and all the other ladies that spend so much time making videos for folks like myself that without you I would be lost in the beading world. Thanks again so very much!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Alonza Handmade accessories

    Gorgeous... thank you
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Hada Lamat

    Complicated turns, I got bored of the impossible, although I experienced it and I almost have a bracelet but I can't keep looking at the computer because I can't find the logic to memorize and flow with work. Nice work. Thanks for sharing
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Lexxi Love

    I love this stitch. I followed the tutorial and even bought the same clasp off your site. The bracelet is beautiful but the clasp (I ordered 3 and they're all the same) is very stiff and now I wish I didn't sew it onto my bracelet. I'm going to have to take it apart and start over because the clasp doesn't open very easily AT ALL once the bracket is on. :-(
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Just someone

    The fun thing about this is, make it longer and you'll get a choker.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    K P

    Am I the only one who wants desperately to move that 11/0 outta the pile of 8/0?
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Betsi Newbury

    I absolutely love the tubular chenille and look forward to trying this flat version. Thanks so much!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    fuzzylop 9

    I like the look of that stich.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Donna Ohori

    I get to going pretty good and then I seem to derail about at row 5 or 6 and I'm sure I look like a deer in headlights!!! It's a great tutorial, but I'm going to have to do it over and over to finally get it. It's those turns lol!!!! Thanks so much and I'll keep at it!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Michelle Gray

    Ever since I learned how to stitch tubular chenille at least 18 months ago, I've wondered how to stitch flat chenille, but I couldn't find a tutorial for it - until now. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this terrific tutorial! It really does look simple. Well maybe not simple, but easy enough once learned and in a rhythm. The possibilities for the flat chenille stitch, embellished or not, seem endless depending on the combination of beads used. I can actually imagine a 15/0 on either side of the outer edge 11's for a little more embellishment or bling. Anxious to give this a whirl, esp. since seeing your Winter Blossom bracelet. Thanks again!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Deborah Shearon

    One of my favorite stitches...I like the way you begin this pattern. Thank you!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Karin Geiger

    Thank you! I found it challenging at first... working on my second piece now :-) Very fun!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31


    Wonderful . Happy New Year.
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Doris Cote

    Love it. Great that it is on video so we can go back and stop and get it right. I hope!
    Happy New Year!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Real Girl - Tove N

    I'm making it right now while following along with you. I love this stitch! It's s bit challenging but worth it. Thanks Allie!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Rosa Perez

    Amazing tutorial!!!! Thanks !!
  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Khadja Almasabili

  • Posted: 2021-02-21 04:31

    Second Account

    I’ve tried this before, but I just don’t really see the point. It looks exactly the same as flat netting, which is so much simpler.

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