【Loupe Jewellery Designer 珠寶設計師】Flow Wong / Flow Design Craftsmanship


Flow Wong,以香港為基地的一名獨立設計師,認為珠寶首飾在襯托美麗和風格以外更應能夠展現每個佩戴的人的喜好,特點以至訊息,從而令首飾成為對佩戴者有更濃厚意義的物品。Flow設計上的風格雖多變但不誇張,簡約而不簡陋,着重獨立性以及強調對細節的改變和要求,令客人能找到屬於他的那一件 。

Flow Wong is a young designer full of passion and curiosity. He combines traditional metalwork and 3D modelling to design jewellery of his own style. He also believes that it is in the small details that differentiate him between everybody else. To people who like to express their own taste through unique shapes, favorite colours, different textures, and meticulous simplicity, they will find his work desirable.

駐場設計師 Residence-in-Designer:
Flow Wong / Flow Design Craftsmanship


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