trying pottery for the first time | Taipei Pottery Class

i joined a pottery class for the very first time!

since i got plenty of times after school, i booked myself a pottery class. it was a very great experience. the teacher was really kind, helpful, and patient. participants can make a plate, bowl, mug, or anything else they want (it would be great if you have a picture as an inspiration). i really enjoyed my time making a cup and a jewelry holder. if you happen to be in Taiwan and looking for an interesting activity to do, do not hesitate to book a class yourself. i highly recommend it!

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🍶fish pottery studio – taipei, taiwan🍶

– they have family class
– they have scheduled classes (varies every month) and private classes (over 3 people)
– rsvp by sending them message on facebook
– the price mentioned in the video is not included the firing fee

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